Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The wheels on the bus go round and round

Well it's only another week until I can talk about the mid season finale of Doctor Who and it was good one. As with the last epsiode I'm keeping stum in case I spoil what is a rather good episode.

On the down side we now have to wait until the end of the year to find out what happens next *grumble, grumble* But on the plus side between now and then we will be getting the new season of torchwood which is starting to look more and more interesting.

As long as it can keep it's "torchwoodness" about it. If that's even a word. If not I've just made one up I guess so yah me!

It's been so cold this eveningw e've been debating whether to put the central heating on, which is just down right bizare as we're in June for goodness sake!

I'm also going to have to be leaving for work earlier over the next few days as a local music festival will be on and the traffic queues run right down the entire length of the airport which is going to make traffic rather fun.

I just hope it doesn't affect the minibus times otherwise I'm going to have to leave even earlier.

Still getting the minibus today made me realise that I've probably spent more time on that minibus in the past year then I've spent on any other bus in the last three years! It's quite a interesting way to start your day. And end it as well when everybody gets on the bus, swaps stories about their day and all turn on their mobile phones to log into facebook to see what's been going on with the rest of the world.


Later folks

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