Monday, June 20, 2011

Every blog should have one

Well it's Monday. Again. So of course that means the start of another week of work and all of the joys and opportunities that shall bring.

Still I shouldn't complain as for a Monday it's not been a bad day at all. I have certainly had worse Mondays. It was still busy mind you, but the main reason for that was well a very important news story that got chased off the front pages on Friday pretty darn quickly by much more important stories such as Jordan's latest attempt at a reality show being a complete flop, etc, etc, etc.

But to be fair (for once) if you're not involved in the job field I'm in it was very easy to miss the significance or probably even care.

C'est la vie I guess.

I did see one very interesting bit of news today, the person who designed the title logo for my blog which you can see well where most titles usually are ( at the top of course :-) has just one a major fantasy "best newcomer" award for his first ever novel which is pretty darn good. So I have a title that was created by a award winning author. Not everybody can say that now can they?


Later folks

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