Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summertime perhaps?

Well the best paid people who the country for guessing things ( that would be the weatherman of course :-) have actually got something right as today as we had rather nice and sunny weather arrive exactly as predicted.

What was not so nice was the extreme heat we suddenly found outselves having to cope with and I'm not kidding about the suddeness. We went from grumpy seriously considering putting the heating on, on Saturday night as it was so cold to me having great problems driving home from church as the inside of the car was so hot I couldn't grasp the geatstick without burning my hand!

And this was in Grumpys car with the Ac!

Goodness knows what it would have been like trying to drive the KA in that!

And for for some reason I seem to be using a lot of exclamation marks today.

Tomorrow however it supposed to be even hotter which is why for once I will be incredibly glad to go to work and spend the day in a nice ac equipped building.

Even if it is a monday and will thus no doubt be the start of another week full of "opportunities".

Later folks

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