Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hopefully this will end better then when Homer had to do it

Well I found out at work today that in a update of recruitment procedures they are going to start to introduce psychometric testing for people who want to work for the company.

Of course in order to do this they need to establish a baseline, so they will be putting some existing staff members through the testing to find out what kind of people they should look for to employ.

Hmm, well I pity the poor people who are having to do that. I mean who would want their personality so throughly anaylised like that..... and oh hello boss is there something you need?and why are you looking at me like that?

Yes as you might have guessed I've been asked to do this testing. Now notice I've said asked to, not told too. Which of course did make me wonder if that was actually the first part of the test? Do they mark on how quickly you say yes? Or if you hesitate?

Or maybe their just checking to see how paranoid you are, but I suppos that would only happen if their out to get you? :-)

The only thing I know which is out to get me for definate mind you is my computer at work as it suddenly decided today for no apparent reason to turn itself off completely, no warning, just instantly died. It turned back on straight away though when I pressed the button. IT were baffled especially as I had already done the main IT fix of turning it off and on again even if I hadn't done the turn off part. There were no loose cables, no nothing. It just seemed to decide it wanted a time out.

Which left me watching the thing for the rest of the day wondering if it would suddenly decide to turn on me again.

Maybe skynet is real folks. The revolution could be starting right now......................

and there's that paranoria again :-)

The BBC have now announced when the new series of Torchwood will be starting. However for reasons best known to themselves they will be showing it six days after the US airdate. So in a rare change American readers such as Scully will know what's happened before me!


Later folks

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