Thursday, June 23, 2011

you know you're getting old when.....

When the latest hit song is actually a "updated" version of a song that was cool when you were a teenager.

And no I'm not making this up. I was more then a little surprised to hear one of the latest songs to be released "return of the mack" is actually a new version/remix/cover/what ever the kids call it these days of one of the first ever songs I bought on cassette when I was teenager.

Yes it was that long ago, when songs came on cassettes, having computers with 32 mb of ram was a lot, facebook sounded like a term of something bullys would do to somebody in the library using which ever books came to end, the Now series of albulms was still in the 20s and I was still under the impression that I would have my own house and family by the time I was thirty.

But I digress.

So if Return of the mack is back as it were ( yes I'm aware of the irony in that phrasing lets just move it along) what else could we see. Jennifer lopez doing a cover of Gina G's oh ah just a little bit? Example doing a cover of spaceman? Or to bring it up to date it would be more like " Spaceman assuming we can get a seat on the russian soyez as we no longer have a shuttle?" Might be a bit hard to do a dance version of that one, oh maybe the prodigey will re-release one of their old songs in a effort to remind people that they used to get really upset at their songs but by standards now a days they seem some what tame and quaint :-)

Institute was pretty quiet this week as most of the class were either A too busy to attend the final class or B just plain gone home for the summer.

Latest update from Elder Engineseer, he's currently serving in his mission office which is based at the London Temple. ( I told him no good would come from being organised and efficient.)

I've also been trying to find a photo of myself I like to update my facebook page, which is harder then you think as I tend to take photos more then I appear in them for a very good reason. Mainly as I'm one of these people who will always be convinced no matter how good the photo I always look terrible in them.


Later folks

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Drat said...

Hey Saxon as a photo project why not do a new self portrait every day. You can be creative. If you do it for a month you will have 30 pics, and then you can pick the best ones. That way, instead of saying "I look bad in all pictures" you can say "I look the best in these photos".... Positive!