Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Out with the old

Here is my old bedroom door. In case any of your are wondering the large plain patch is down to a time when there was some muck on my door. Tap Dance decided to use a cleaner to get rid of said muck which proved to be highly effective. It totally got rid of the muck.

And as you may have noticed it also got rid of some other stuff as well :-) And why am I showing you a picture of my old door?

Well because I have a new one ( it's been a long day so my inspiration is a bit lacking right now just in case your wondering why I'm talking about doors)

And mine isn't the only door which is new. All of the upstairs doors have been replaced which means the landing now looks a lot bigger.

Also it's now obivous it needs redecorating asap! I guess I know what we'll be doing in January!

Later folks

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