Friday, December 10, 2010

Wild cards

Just when we thought things couldn't get any more busier or "interesting" somethings come along which has thrown a complete set of wild cards into the mix at the worst possible moment. Still at least it means work is never dull and seeing as we can't really sit under the desks all day and ignore the phones ( but that would be good) we'll just to have to look on it as a good learning experience.

Speaking of learning experiences out printer has currently packed up. But not in the sense of it can't print anything, more like it won't print anything and had a falling out with the computer as the computer has suddenly started to insist that the printer is no longer connected even when it is!

So I'm kinda trying to fix it without giving into frustration and throwing the darn thing out of the window. Or againist the wall. Or smashing it with a hammer, or generally just destroying it in whatever satisfying way occurs to me at that moment in time.

The temperature has risen a lot today, there was even a rumour we were no longer in minus figures. This means that the snow has gone but according to the weathermen the cold snap will be back next week. If their right.

and lets face it their usually not.


Later folks.

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