Sunday, December 19, 2010

So thats a no on the snow day?

Well the countries in dis array, roads are blocked and airports closed with thick snowfall everywhere.............

Well not quite every.

Yes folks the weather null zone which seems to surround Geektown is part to full power as we seem to be about the only place which hasn't had snow over the past few days.

Although it's been cold, very very cold. In fact when I left for church the temperature dial in Grumpys Car was at a impressive -8! The temperature only got all the "way up" to -2 by mid day. So the central heating has been cranked up all day.

Church was very good today, even if we didn't have a Sunday school teacher. I don't know what it was but there seemed to be more of a Energised spirit for want of a better term through out all of the meetings.

Well even though we didn't get any snow I know a lot of other places have which means one thing and one thing only.

We're going to be having a very interesting week at work.

Still they've declared it non uniform all week which will be good and after Friday I only have to work one day between Christmas and New Years. Granted it is New Years eve, but it's short opening hours and I'll be done by 4pm. So that still gives me plenty of time for.....

well I have no idea yet, I guess I'll just wait and see.

Later Folks!

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