Monday, December 20, 2010

Tis the season not to be merry, tra, la, la, la......

I knew this week was likely to be quite tough with the run up to christmas and all. What I wasn't expecting was to find my patience being tested to the utmost less then a hour after work started and I still had the rest of the shift to go!

The only plus point and I hesistate to call it a plus point is that everyone else is exactly in the same postion, all finding their own ways to make it through the week. Not to sound cliched of course but it is one of those times when teams all come together and you look our for your colleagues and help where you can as even the smallest thing can help lighten a big burden.

It's also been very cold, we might have had no snow but the temperature dial was almost down in double figures again this morning which makes getting out of bed even harder!

Still there's now only four days to Christmas!


Here's hoping that my store of goodwill won't be totally empty by then.

Later folks!

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