Friday, December 24, 2010

Twas the night before Christmas

It's been a busy week, really really busy. Work as you can imagine has been totally manic especially with us finally joining the rest of the country and getting some heavy snowfall on Wednesday which meant three of the team were stopped from getting to work at the worst possible time.

So between that and the overtime I've been putting in I've been pretty much ready to drop when I've got home, which is why there's been no posts for a little while.

Still that's over now, it's Christmas eve and as I type this I can see out of the office window past the illuminated tree Grumpy has in the window into the dark outside and seeing all of the snow outside it's hard to deny that the christmas spirit that I haven't been feeling that much this week is coming back really quickly.

The other thing to note is unless we have major thaw over night we're actually going to have a white christmas! Yah!

Tomorrow morning will probably be spent in the usual way, getting up late, having breakfast, opening presents, watching the Muppets christmas carol and then dinner!

So I hope where ever you are readers that you have a very Merry christmas and Santa brings you all of the presents you want.

Later folks!

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