Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Almost tropical

Everybody was in a great mood this morning a work as it was so much warmer then it has been outside. It was all the way "up" to -3. Which is a bit of a stupid statement if you think about it as it's still really cold, but compared with yesterdays dip into double digits it very postively warm.

With several countries across Europe on Bank Holiday today we had a much quieter day and some valuable time to get caught up. Of course this probably means we'll get totally slammed tomorrow but c'est la vie. It's almost Christmas, so being busy goes with the season.

And we're also getting another dress down day tomorrow which is great as that means with the standard dress down day on Friday we don't have to wear our uniform for the rest of the week and I don't have to iron any more shirts for the rest of the week either! Which admitially won't save me a massive amount of time but at least it will save me the hassle.

and even the smallest piece of good news is always welcome.

later folks

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