Tuesday, December 07, 2010

A first I could have done without!

Well we had something which I'm 99% certain we have never had before in Geektown. The temperature plummeted so badly last night it actually got into double figures.

Which meant de icing the car was even more of a nightmare then yesterday. I decided to try the de icer and immediatly gave up when it didn't make a shred of difference. In fact I think it may added to the ice.

I also had to wrap up rather warmly as it was so cold as well. I put on my usual shirt, a jumper, then my suit jacket, then my winter coat with a hat and gloves and I was still cold! My teeth didn't stop chattering for quite a while. I was just glad my coat isn't white otherwise I would have been doing a darn good impression of the mitchelin man!

This extreme cold meant I was even more gobsmacked when I got on the minibus to see one guy get out of his car in just a short sleeved shirt! I couldn't believe how anyone could only be wearing a thin shirt.

Still the cold has had one plus side in that we're getting another non uniform day tomorrow as it's a lot easier for people to wrap up warm in their own clothes as opposed to their uniforms.

One of the guys from our team is extremly on eedge right now as his wife is pregnant and he due date was today! He's twitching everytime he hears a mobile or the bosses phone go. But you know he has good reason, it's going to be a very testing and emotional time.... fortunatly his wife will be there to help him through it :-)


Later folks.

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