Saturday, December 04, 2010

From one thing to another

Well it's finally stopped snowing. But that's only because the temperature has gone up so it's been raining instead. Which although helping a lot of the snow to melt has kinda made things a bit damp and depressing. Granted the snow was cold and a absolute pain to drive in but at least it made things look pretty.

And that paragraph once again proves that no matter what the weather is like here in the UK we will never be satisfied with it.

I've spent most of the last couple of days christmas shopping and I'm glad to say that I have all but finished. Although my current problem is where to store everything as there's a fair bit.

Although my christmas shopping yesterday was interupted when the whole shopping centre had to be evacuated due to a car fire in the multi story car park!

Also I saw what most be one of the weirdest franchise style shops ever. It's basically a shop where you can go in and get a foot massage. I'm sure your thinking that's not so weird in fact it might even be good after a long day of shopping. Well you haven't heard what does the massaging yet. You go into the shop, you put your feet in a tank of water where a shoal of fish then basically eat the dead skin from your feet. And this massages you feet apparently.

A couple of thoughts spring to mind, firstly who put their feet into a shoal of these feet and discovered this and secondly who saw this and thought wow that would be a great thing to operate as a franchise/chain of shops. I've never seen the shop have more then one or two people in it. They would probably make more money from charging the people who looking through the windows to watch.


Later folks

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