Tuesday, December 28, 2010

umm hello??

Okay, I'm not what you can call easy to miss. So it's somewhat annoying to go into a a shop and not be acknowledged by the staff or asked if I need any help.

It's even more annoying when you go into a shop wanted to buy something specifically and they don't ask you if you need help.

It's even worse when you actually go into the shop twice and they still don't ask if you need assistance!

Yes I didn't have a especially good day shopping even if I did manage to get the two dvd's and CD I was after, as I have decided that it was time to join up with near enough eveybody else and get a mobile phone that can actually access facebook and the internet at large. Even if I barely get any calls or text messages these days at least I can access facebook and see what everybodys doing.

Or at least I would be able to if the shop assistants hadn't ignored me. grrrrrr.

I'm making the most of my break right now as I only have to go into work on Friday and then I don't have to be back in until next Tuesday. For a week of lates, followed by another week of lates.

Although to be fair the second week of lates is my fault as I swapped with one of the girls who due to bad timing would have ended up with three consecutive weeks of lates over christmas and the holidays and into new year and so she was pretty much done in and to cut a long story short I am a sucker for any damsel in distress :-)


Later folks

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