Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Manchester conference 2010 Saturday morning: Not a chance

It's kind of ironic that you spend all of the money to go on conference and you choose to be there yet you end up having to get up earlier then you would usually on a Saturday.

Still at least you get a nice hearty breakfast to make up for it. If it really took your fancy you could have a full english fried breakfast, toast and ceral.

Not that, that took my fancy. I simply settled for some bacon, sausage and some bread to make a nice bacon sarnie, complete with a glass of milk. I was amused to see that that resturant I was in was very full for 8am on a Saturday morning. However I know from long experience that, that wouldn't last as the weekend wore on.

After breakfast it was straight back to my room to get ready for the day ahead. I decided to leave myself a whole 15 minutes to walk across campus as I didn't want to rush. I headed out with high hopes for the day and immediately stopped at the door to the hall.

There was a problem.

It was raining. A lot! No problem I thought to myself I'll just get the umbrella but there was problem with that plan. After four years of bringing it and never needing it guess what I had gone and done?

That's right, the umbrella was nice and safe two hours drive away in geektown. Say it with me everybody


So it was less of a walk, more of a very quick walk across campus as I tried to stick to as much cover as possible.

The morning devotional was okay, if extremely uncomfortable as they hadn't put out any chairs so we all had to sit on the floor of the sports centre, which is okay for ten minutes and then you feel your legs slowly starting to go to sleep.

After the devotionals it was time for the workshops. First up was the Going for gold workshop.

It was run by a church member from Ireland who is a professional athlete you made history by running in both the olympics and para olympics in beijing. Whilst running in the para olympics he won two gold mdels and set four world records!

Next up was a physio workshop run by the expert in the picture above, whose posing here with her assistant George. Who is the perfect assistant according to her as he never answers back.

It was a very interesting workshop as she was teaching us ways to sit properly and minimize back pain etc. She was amused when she was getting us to practice the stretches at the number of what she called " Ahhs and oohs" coming from people. As she deemed it, we were all in our 20s so we shouldn't be having those kind of problems with our backs!

The third workshop was supposed to be one on "current affairs" although when I got there and waiting round for a bit no one seemed to be running it and it seemed to consist of writting your views on a post it and sticking them to the wall.

Exciting as this was ( that's sarcasim by the way) I decided to head over to the Institute workshops to see what was going on over there. However they were all full to bursting and the "cinema" was full as well. So I decided to have a look at the church bookshop and what they had to offer there. I had bought some cash with me in anticipation of this moment and I was keen to see what DVDs they had to offer and had wanted to get a couple. However the cheapest one was a copy of Singles Ward at £20!

As good as it might have been to get several DVDS there wasn't a chance I was going to be able to get them as I didn't have that much cash on me.

So slightly disappointed I headed back to my room to wait the 15 minutes or so until Lunch.

But still it had been an interesting morning.

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