Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's time to bang your head on the desk again

If there's one small downside to my new job is that's it's more then likely that no matter how hard you work, how quickly you zip through your files answering queries etc, you will finish the day with more files then you started out. For example I started with 48 files today, closed 58 and ended the day with 59 pending. It can be a touch dishearting especially if the day has been very busy like today and it's at moments like that it can be tempting to revert to that old stereotype of banging your head on your desk!

Still no point dwelling as no matter how much you do or do not dwell or it the work will still be there tomorrow, so there's no point letting it ruin your evening.

There's only one more day before convention! Yaah! They have published the schedule for the weekend and it looks interesting. Although I have noticed that there is no massage workshop this year. Which is a shame as it had been the best way to meet new people :-) But I suppose in hindsight I'm surprised it's survived as long as it has as I'm sure a few people were surprised to find a massage class at a mixed YSA event!

Although apparently at work they are still working on getting the massage ladies to come back on a regular basis. Which I hope happens, as if it doesn't I think I might need to go and find a local massage therapist ( professional before I get any comments) as I'm having some problems with my left shoulder at the moment which don't seem to be getting better as it's quite stiff and sore. Although my right shoulders fine, I guess my left is sore due to two things, one I'm left handed so I use that arm more and secondly I fractured my collar bone when I was younger after being knocked off my bike and my arm was in a sling for three months.

Big brother has finally finished. Hurrahhh!!!! It was won by some women I've never heard off and if I'm lucky will never hear of again.

Unfortunatly we now have to suffer two weeks of " Ultimate Big Brother" as they've stuffed a load of ex house mates from previous years back into the house.

Maybe if we're really lucky they'll leave them in there for good.

Well we can hope.


Later folks

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