Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Manchester 2010 Friday evening: So, WHAT??

So, I was at the university, and it was time to check out my room. Which had, wait for it...... Two pillows! For like the first time ever, although no soap. Which made me wonder if they had some kind of bizare supply limit and if different items were different points. But then why would a small bar of soap have the same value as a pillow? Still with a chemists across the road it wasn't going to be a issue.

Once I had unloaded the car it was time for important things! I.e getting some food as you don't get a meal on Friday night.

I decided to with tradition and go to get some food at the same place I have every other Friday night I've attended Convention. KFC. And by that I mean Krunchy Fried chicken one of the number of fast food shops just across the road. Admitially it's not as good as the real thing, but it's not bad, especially when compared to some of the other food shops.

So quick stop back in the room to freshen up and it was time to wonder back over to the armitage centre to see what was what for the Friday night.

What was what was remarkably varied.

If that makes any sense.

There was minature golf, a inflatable volleyball court, a inflatable large scale table football

and a pedestal thing

where you swung a giant ball trying to knock other people off.

But that was not all, there was a act called the "Saxman" who basically played his saxophone along to a number of well known music tracks.

Then there was this other act who were singing about well something. To be perfectly honest I didn't have a clue what they were singing about as they were rapping and the music was so loud I could feel it pounding on my chest....
( somewhere on the other side of the world Elder Johnson senses a distrubance in the force! Old joke from my first year of conference, check the posts using the label)

I found out the next day they were apparently rapping about Jesus. If they say so.

We found out on the Monday that the "saxMan" had actually been really impressed with the YSA dancing and jumping around to his music because he said and I quote
" He didn't realise people could have fun like that still without drinking".

Pretty soon it was time for the opening exercises and the usual " welcome video" which I always look forward too as the guy who does them has a fantastic taste in music, he always goes for real awe inspring/gives you goose bumps it's so epic kind of music.

The rest of the opening exercises were pretty good too :-)

I walked back to my room feeling pretty happy. I had already made two new "friends" at this point. Although technically I suppose I should only count one as the other one I had kinda met via facebook. I had seen others from Leicester around but they were off in their own little groups so I hadn't spoken to them too much.

anyway, the signs were looking good for a good weekend.

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