Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Why you always need to check the instructions

( this is too funny not to relate)

Yesterday at work one of the girls was looking really tired, the sort of tired where your eyes are barely open and all you can see is thin "strip" of the persons eyes.

One of the other girls noticed this and offered her a "baroca" ( I don't know if that is spelt right) tablet saying it had vitamins and things in that would give her a real boost.

The first girl promptly puts the tablet in her mouth and in what seemed like under a second her eyes had changed from barely open to being fully open and saucer like. All that was missing was the steam coming out of her ears.

It was at this point the other goirl turned round and somewhat belately added
" By the way you need to disolve that in water"

suffice to say the first girl was not looked tired for the rest of her shift. She probably wasn't tired for the rest of the day! or the night :-)

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