Tuesday, July 05, 2011

It's all down hill from here

Well here we are in July, which means we've passed the mid point of the year, so it's all downhil l from here to the end of the year with the nights drawing in, the temperature getting colder, etc, etc, etc.

Also if the weather is anything to go by we might well have reached the end of summer right now :-)

And if this all wasn't fun enough I've just had a reminder through the post of that yes I really am getting that old as it's time to renew my driving license. Even though it's valid until I'm 70 ( there's a scary thought) you have to renew the photo part of your license every ten years. Which means I once again have to give the government even more money on top of the usual tax, VAT on petrol etc to gain the pleasure of being able to use the roads where I can get to work, in order to earn even more money to give back to the government.

Before anybody asks I know I'm acting a little crabby right now but I'm in one of those kind of moods. Which isn't kind of helped by knowing that my next long break isn't for another month and a half thanks to the holiday diary at work being totally and utterly 100% full!

Weird moment of the day was finding a interview in a magazine that featured the head of the department of my old job as in the accompanying photo he no longer has a beard. He kind of looked like his evil twin brother. Which was in itself weird as anyone whose ever watched any form of sci-fi ever knows that's it's always the one wth the goatee beard whose is the evil twin. So does that mean he was actually the evil twin and in a massively unforeseen plot twist for once it's the good twin who has done away with the evil twin and replaced him????

Wait... that's too confusing for this time of day. My Head now hurts.


Later folks

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