Thursday, July 28, 2011

Increasing your talents

I've been recently looking for inspiration and for a new focus, because as well regular readers know if I don't have something to focus my energies on I tend to get very bored, very quickly.

Whilst cleaning out my room in preparation for upcoming redecoration ( I'm getting more and more convinced it's a tardis as there's no way a room that size could possibly hold this much stuff) I found a long forgotten set of drawing pencils .

Now I used to be fairly good at drawing ( and I've been sketching a little lately to entertain some of my nieces and nephews) but I've neglected this for a loonng time.

So I've decided that as your supposed to work on talents that this will be my new focus, to improve my drawing skills.

I'm starting simply right now as I'm limited myself to attempting to copy existing drawings (mainly cartoon characters at this point) and I'll expand as I go

so without further ado here are the first drawings from my brand new sketch pad. And in case you were wondering these are all free hand, no tracing at all.

I'll be posting more as I go along and if anyone has any suggestions of cartoon characters they want me to try let me know. I'll give it a try!


Anonymous said...

I think Batman (from the animated series) would offer some challenges - especially shading and human proportions.


Saxon said...

will do Mike. As soon as I can find a decent picture of him that is. My google fu is weak right now :-)