Thursday, July 07, 2011

Not much on? Yeah right...

A lot of people commonly ask why we don't have sky TV. Grumpys usual response is that there's not usually much on the 20 odd free view channels why would we want a hundred with nothing on?

Well we're not having this problem right now as there's too much on! As for reason best know to the great mysterious powers behind TV scheduling currently on a Thursday we now have the the killing, cowbody builders and the big bang theory all on at the same time! Even with E4 plus one it still doesn't help.

And next week it's going to be even worse as Torchwood and the drama Single handed will also be on at the same time.

Seriously how the heck are all the programmes we want to watch on at exactly the same time. Maybe one or two I can understand, but next week it will be five program's, that's right FIVE!!!!!! on at exactly the same time.

Were they unable to find gaps in the schedules on other nights as all the soap opera's, reality TV and endless repeats of CSI and NCIS got in the way???

So not joking about the endless repeats of NCI btw as it's the only reason I've never considered getting the series on DVD there's no point.


Later folks

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