Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's all so the total opposite of really busy

There's a old tradition that you shouldn't say macbeth in the theatre. Well in our office the word you can't say is "quiet" or as we refer to it as " The q Word" as woe betide you if you utter the whole word as much crazyness and lamentation is sure to follow.

I.e it tends to get busy :-)

Despite us all knowing this, there were more then a few times today when we wanted to utter the Q word as it wasn't very busy at all. Or as one person put it

" Somethings wrong, I haven't been shouted at once today"

Still at least it proved a nice change from the usual mid week slump!

The redecorating of my room has slowed down slightly this week ( as I've got to write a talk for Sunday eekk!!! or rather EEEKKK!!!) plus my curtain rail decided suddenly to fall down for no particular reason whatsoever.

It also chose to do that in the middle of the night which scared the heck out of me!

But still no worse then Saturday morning when I managed to scare myself by waking up and totally forgetting it was Saturday so I started to rush around like a lunatic convinced I was late for work.

all I can say to that is D'oh!


Later folks


Anonymous said...

hey, you should do a "before" and "after" pic of your room like on "Changing rooms" or something!! lol!


Saxon said...

I have been taking some pictures and will post them shortly