Sunday, July 31, 2011

What are you?

Was the slightly misphrased question I was asked today ( the actual question was meant to be what have you been called as?).

The best answer I could think to respond to that was " I'm complicated".

It's been a bit of a bizare weekend. We had to take Owen to the vet's yesterday for his latest round of injections. Now it wasn't the vet that tends to be the problem, it's when he travels in the car he tends to go bezerk. I couldn't decide what ended up more covered in hair. The back seat or Grumpy!

He was okay in the vets mind you ( Owen not grumpy :-) until at one point he decided he wanted to get down from the table and we discovered that the table wasn't bolted to the floor, so we both had to try and grab the table, pull it upright and keep one unhappy dog firmly on it. Mind you considering what she had decided she needed to check I can kind of understand why he didn't want to be on that table any longer!

I was then down to go and do the cleaning at the chapel along with he rest of the YSA although as it turned out I was the only YSA to turn up. In fact I was the only person to turn up full stop. Although I did discover later that the two other members who were assigned to do the cleaning turned up in the afternoon instead.

c'est la vie I guess :-)

Anyway, it's Monday tomorrow, a start of a new month and a fresh week of opportunities ahead.

I guess we'll soon see if their exciting ones or boring one.

Later folks!

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