Friday, July 15, 2011

Out with the old

I found out today that this years national YSA conference is going to the be last one.

Big deal! I hear you cry! We already knew it was your last one.

Well by last one I don't mean last one as in my last one, even though it is. I mean it will be the last one as in forever. It's finished, ended, game over man! etc, etc. They will be switching to multi-stake conventions instead as of next year.

Now I'll admit that although as I'm passing that "milestone" of age this august by next August whatever their doing won't matter as I won't be going, it's quite sad to know that something that has been such a mainstay of the YSA scene for so long is going to be vanishing as it were.

Still I suppose in a roundabout way it will make this years conference that so much more special.

The only thing which would have made it perfect was if it was still at Manchester but you can't have everything I suppose :-)

Later folks

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