Sunday, July 17, 2011

Has anyone not had their phone hacked?

I know the whole thing with journalists hacking peoples phones was all very bad and naughty, etc, etc ,etc but it's just seeming now that in every news broadcast there is now another celebrity coming out of the woodwork to claim that there phones been hacked and isn't it awful, blah, blah, blah.

It would actually be more of a news story right now for a celebrity to come out and say that their phone hasn't been hacked!

We have started this weekend as well on the long overdue/ really really needed redecoration of my bedroom. I've aready got more then half of my room spread around the house in a multitude of boxes as we started to strip the walls of wallpaper, which even with a steamer doo-hickey proved to be surprisingly difficult. So difficult at one point I started to becoem convinced it's been stuck down with superglue rather then wallpaper paste.

Still more then half of the walls are stripped now leaving the bare wood. Just the other half to go.

Anyway, it's Monday tomorrow which means it's a fresh week of new opportunities to find and overcomes. Although it this job the opportunities tend to find you :-)

Later Folks

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