Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Are they that out of ideas?

I was somewhat surprised to see a new advert hit the tv recently as it seems to show that maybe the top advertising minds of the country are finally running out of ideas.

Now the advert is for a toothpaste. Now I'm sure you're all now immediately thinking of all of the stereotypical ideas of advertising toothpastes. I.e insanely nice looking people, looking insanely together at stupid o clock in the morning whilst they gaze into mirrors with a somewhat unhealthy obessively long look at their teeth.

Well not this advert, they had basically ripped off the entire ending sequence for the movie love actually. But then again saying ripped off actually makes it sound like their trying to disguise the fact.

They have recreated the entire sequence in the airport.

However this is on a tv budget not a movie budget so it's not actually shot in a airport. In short in a studio with a very bad and cheap set. And not the kind of set which is so cheap and bad it's actually good.

And lets not forget the "actors" in the advert who look like they are supposed to be doubles for the actors in the movie. However of course lets not forget the tv budget as rather then hire actors who are actual doubles they only vaguely resemble the actors from the film. And by vaguely I think that the cloest one of them looks like is that she had long brown hair as well.

But it did make me wonder if this is the start of a trend. Are other companies going to start ripping off movies to advertise products or tv programs?

Will you see a double of Bruce willis jumping through a window to advertise staybright windows? Will a actress who barely resembles sandra bullock guide a coach down a street wrecking cars whilst somebody rues the day they didn't go to compare the market? Or will a elderly gentleman call in the cowbody builders program as the builders he hired left a massive whole in his new death star which makes it vulnerable to attack?

who knows?

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