Sunday, November 13, 2011

Works in theory

Okay so at church we have a rather large hymn book of over 300 hymns. By it's very nature you'll have some hymns that everybody knows so well they could put the hymn books down and belt them out to their hearts contents, some hymns that people are not so familiar with, hymns that only people in the choir now and finally those hymns that next to nobody knows.

Which can be bad enough, but when you combine this with a ward where half the congregation are away, the general mood is worse then lethagic and a organist whose determined to play things his way, well the end results can get rather interesting.

And by interesting, I mean interesting in the fit of the giggles you have to fight off when by the second verse of the hymn next to nobody is singing but the organist is still valiantly banging away on the keys.

Plus that wasn't the end of the music hiliarity for the day as we had to pracise singing a song in priesthood that we're supposed to sing in sacrement next week. I do miss the good ole days when we could just get up, sing a hymn and sit down. Now there's just a whole lot of talking about all sorts of singing relating stuff that I have no idea what it all means.

The last time somebody asked me if I was a tenor I replied I hoped I was considerably more expensive then that!

Anyway, it's Monday tomorrow which means it's a fresh week of "opportunities" ahead.

Later folks,

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