Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Onwards and upwards

It's been rather weird finishing work this week as it's now dark by the end of my shift. Which means we have reached that special time of the year when Winter seems to well and truly start.

Which lets face it with the way the weather has been in the uk the past couple of winters could mean anything from hot stick weather, to lots of rain to a rather lot of snow.

However darkness falling even earlier has lead to the minibus gaining a weird new lighting style, as everyone boards and immediately turns on their mobile phones to get their dose of facebook that they have been missing for the past seven hours.

I'm casting no stones mind you as I'm just as guilty as anyone else :-)

There was a great example to today of how facebook is such a huge and encompassing entitity on line because several members of the team today were talking about another team member asking if anybody knew "what was going on with him" as he's currently not at work. It was then best summed up by somebody who said " How are any of us supposed to know, he's not on facebook "


Later folks

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