Thursday, November 03, 2011

Busy doing nothing

Well it's my week off and yes I know I've been terrible at updating this week haven't I?

For once I do have good reason for it as unlike most of my weeks off I've actually been doing some rather constructive things.

And if you're my friend on facebook you would have already I've been having a busy week :-)

Basically so far this week, I have finally had work on my tooth finished with the installation of a new permant cap, done a lot of sorting out, a fair bit of shopping, a lot of model making, plus learning how to use my new photo editing software, been out and about shooting photos, caught video of Owen going ever so slightly berserk when the postman arrived and been out with the elders teaching.

Plus... and this was undoubtly the high point of my week, as regular readers will know I have been working hard on my photography at the moment and although my landscapes and sunsets have improved lots, I simply haven't had much chance to work on portraits. Going to the halloween party last week gave me some practice but not in the way I wanted. So one of the girls at work is a aspiring model and she agreed to model for me so I could get some practise.

And before anybody gets horrified, or wondering whether my next post will detail a trip to the bishops office this shoot was totally on the "level", there was no "dodgy" nothing untoward or anything like that.

Or maybe in the sense you could see a her ankles in one shot. Wait what do you mean that's not risque???

I'm kidding, there was nothing risque, which I think proved to be a bit of a change of pace for her as well to have a photographer who wasn't asking for anything like that :-)

There's some ruins and woods up near geektowers so we went up there to shoot and I was more then pleased with the results as they turned out better then I had hoped and I'm getting lots of postive feedback on them.

Especially on facebook. Wait what do you mean you haven't see them on facebook? Well that's what you get for not paying attention to your news feed more. Go and have a look, go now!

But please come back :-)

Later folks

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