Sunday, November 13, 2011

Obstacle courses

Well the road around geektowers and by and large geektown as well are looking more like a obstacle course from it's a knock out rather then roads right now.

Apparently there's lot of work that needs to be done replacing gas mains and to replace these gas main it's apparently involves digging holes. A whole lotta holes, and of course where you have holes you have the health and safety bridage so you also get a whole lotta fencing.

So much so that it's actually almost impossible to see a turning into our estate to get to geek towers and this is in the daylight! In the dark it gets even more fun, you just have to slow down and hope you realise the turning is there quickly enough so you can squeeze through what is a rather tight gap whilst hoping that no idiots come racing up from behind you at Mach 3.

Still at least it keeps life interesting.

Later folks

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