Sunday, November 06, 2011

And here we go again

Well it's Monday tomorrow which means after a rather entertaining week, it's back to reality or work as most people call it.

Still a major advantage of my current role is that I won't have any "old" work as it were waiting for me simply due to the nature of my role. It will be all brand new work which can have it's pluses and minuses.

But c'est la vie, what will come will come. It's not like worrying about it will make any difference. Work will be assigned to me, I will do the said work, then come home at the end of the day. As the saying goes, jobs a good un.

Bonfire night round geektown seems to have turned into a little bit of a damp squib as it were, there's been a few fireworks but nothing major. Owen mind you hasn't been a fan this year of the ones which have been going off but as long as we're around he seems to be okay.


Later folks

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