Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It's back breaking work or should that be Desk breaking work...

It can take a lot to make me jump with surprise ( no honestly) I mean when we had a earthquake hit geektown what did I do? Simply wake up, realise it was a earthquake and simply rolled over and went back to sleep.

But even when I was surprised when my whole desk quite literally "jumped" today with enough force that not only everything on the desk, computer, screen, keyboard, phone etc all rattled, but everything on the other side of the bank of desks also shook.

Which lead to the rather amusing site of everyone pushing back from the desk in perfect sychronisation complete with identical rather shocked expressions.

As it turned out it was nothing major, just one of the supports had rotated ever so slightly out of postion which rather confused the man from the estates department as I think he thought based on the report he had gotten that the desk was falling down around us!

Searching for a name for my photography is still proving to be a bit of a headache as just when I certain that I was certain about my choice along comes another idea.


Of course coming up with a brand would be a lot easier if I still worked somewhere with a whole lot of art people, in a studio with all arty software but oops two years too late for that.

Yes, it really has been two years.

Time flies doesn't it!

Later folks

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