Saturday, November 26, 2011

There could be many reasons but that is not one!

Well it was a interesting evening last night as we had a work christmas party out in Derby, which I have to admit was the first real "do" I have gone to in a while that hasn't been a church function. Which of course meant there was drink and rather a lot of it.

Which means I'll just have to remember how to compartmentalise things again otherwise it might be a bit odd working with some people come Monday morning remembered how they look totally hammered!

Anyway, at the start of the night well before the drink was flowing freely I was sitting on a table with several of the other people from my team, when one of the guys started winding up another one about his chances of Pulling/getting lucky, etc, etc (you get the gist) and he responded to say he didn't think so. The other guy then continued to jokingly say that if no luck with the girls there were plenty of guys around as well and maybe he could get lucky with someone like "saxon" ( i.e me). He then laughed, everyone else laughed, I laughed and then noticed the guy who had the question asked to wasn't laughing and had actually paused.

Before I could say anything he then quietly and in all seriousness said
" Well Saxon is a very nice guy and I have nothing againist him or his choice in lift but I'm just not into men that way"

Which lead lead me to a slightly worried realisation that he might actually think I was! I quickly responded
" Well this would be a good time to point out I'm not into men either"
thinking that would clear everything up.

Not so, it go worse. He responded
" No, no, I'm not homophobic or anything, and please don't feel embrassed and that you feel you have to deny but I just don't like men that way"

Which made me realise omg he actually thinks I am! He's been totally serious! At which point I firmly told him that I wasn't into men. He simply responded oh okay then and I was left not quite knowing what to say.

Of course when I related this to Grumpy this morning he found it hilarious ( I didn't at the time but found it rather more amusing this morning) and of course with his sense of humour wanted to know if I had asked what I had been doing to make him convinced of his opinion. Not sure I would really want to pull at that thread though :-)

There could be many reasons why I'm not married but that more certainly is not one of them


Later Folks

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