Thursday, November 17, 2011

Has anyone told lois?

Children in need is usually celebrated in a big way at work ( for example we've had two charity dress down days this week so far :-) and theres always something going on the week running up to the day to raise money for charity.

For example we had a visit from "pudsey" this week and for a small fee you could have your picture with him.

Of course when one of my team mates who just happened to be "missing" when pudsey arrived reappeared I couldn't resist the urge to tease him slightly by telling him

" N! You missed Pudsey. You missed him the same way Clark Kent alway misses superman"

at which point he collapsed into a fit of the giggles. Then things got even funnier when one of the girls who had heard this turned round and said in all seriousness

" Ummm, that's because clark kent is superman"

The quickest response I could think of to this was

" What? Really? Has anyone told Lois?"

At which point N was almost on the floor he was laughing so hard.

A few stories have been coming out today as to what we can expect by the way of festive "cheerful" stories over christmas in the soap operas. Seriously, it's surprising anyone wants to stay on coronation street or albert square on christmas day as your odds off actually surviving the day without getting run over, attacked, shot, stabbed, burned to death in fire, or a tram dropping on you are pretty darn slim.


Later folks

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