Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I am so Smart, I am so Smart, S.M.R.T I mean S.M.A.R.T

It's a new year everyone, just in case any of you failed to notice :-) Yes 2007 is here and hopefully it will be a much better year then 2006.

It was one of the more sedate New years eve's I've experienced. Mainly because it was new years eve and nothing was on, church wise as it was the Sabbath. Or knowing my luck it's probably more likely that there were several things on at peoples homes, it was just nobody told me . If that was the case oh well C'est la vie :-)

Yes, in case any of you are wondering I am trying to be more positive about things as one of my new years resolutions. It will probably only last about three days but hey it's the thought that counts.

Anyway, it was very strange at work this morning as after working all three days last week with just me being in office, there are now other people. Lots and lots of people. At least with other people here I've not having to put up with the deafening silence and mind numbing boredom. But I can't listen to music anymore and yet I'm sure I'll survive :-)

I'm kind of stuck for what to talk about now. Not sure why, I guess with a lack of YSA activities at the moment and no institutes not a lot is really going on. Unless you really, really want me to go into details about a blown light bulb in the dining room, and the washing up, but I get the feeling if I did I'd loose the handful of people who do actually read this blog. So anyway.


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