Friday, December 29, 2006

YSA Christmas party photos part 2

For some the excitment was all too much
hoish der u meen? I swore air wash nly shoer in dat gass
Ysa attacked by swarm of angry bubbles. News at 11!

but I don't understand, why does everyone keep calling me a witch? said simon

I'm a ysa get me outta here!

Please sir i want some more!
Not quite what she had in mind when she said, lean on me!
cordeila appeared to be far from impressed with his limpet impression

Here are the rest of the photos a little later then promised but anyway :-) If anyone can come up with captions for the photos with no caption or better ones for those with captions let me know, and I'll update the pictures.
Yes sports fans. The caption competition is back!