Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Are you listening carefully. Then I'll begin.

I thought I'd tackle a extensively difficult subject 2day and try and explain it all too you. Yes I'm going to try and explain the various extended structure of the Saxon 'clan'.

Right not to sound too full of myself but I'll start with me. Saxon. I currently live with Grumpy, in what I shall henceforth refer to as 'geektown', since Engineseer and his brother are about to move into the town, in fact their quite literally moving in up the road, as their last house was very badly flooded and is now unlivable. Hmm I wonder if this could be another good excuse for a toast party. But I digress.

I have three half sisters and three half brothers. My three half brothers and one half sister are from Grumpy's previous marriage, and my other two sisters are from my Mum's previous marriage. I thought I better come up with a codename for mum, so she will know be referring to as Tap-dance. Tap-dance currently lives in geektown but will soon be moving. I'll refer to my two half sisters from Mum's side first.

Even more literally, just up the road is J and her brood. I will now refer to J as 'speed demon' and her husband as 'biker' (it makes a twisted sort of sense trust me.) They'll be moving down south soon as Biker has a new Job. They had two kids Roo, and Hyper. However Biker is Hypers step father, as Hypers actual father lives in London somewhere, (keeping up with this?) They also have a dog Suzie. Speed demon actually had a bit of a homer Simpson moment at church on Sunday. I was talking to her about how tall Hyper is for a five year old ( he looks more like a 8 year old), and that I could just imagine him being really tall when he becomes a teenager. At which point Speed demon agreed and said that was likely as " Biker was 6ft2", then after two seconds pause when the penny dropped with a clang which registered on the Richter scale " Not that, would have any effect at all". He, he, he,. I guess someone has forgotten her science lessons from school. I think I'll refer to them as the "Driver clan" In future.

Living up 'north', is my other half sister and her Clan, who I've previously referred to as the L clan, but I thought I'd refer to them as the techno clan' in future. My sister 'Multi-task' ( they have six Kids, I'm assuming she at least and her Husband ''Merchanicus' (the geeks among you will get that name). Unfortunately I can't think of any good codenames for them at the moment. I'm come up with some later, honest :-)

Right now onto Grumpy's side.

Firstly theirs 'teacher' my sister who recently got married. 'media' one of my brothers. 'Prof' who lives with his wife and 3 kids and lectures at a uni in the 'west'. Finally there's translator who has two kids and lives overseas.

and for those of you who can add, yes that's 13 nieces and nephews I have and before you ask the blindly obvious question, yes it was an extremely expensive Christmas!

I still have one living grandparent who I'll refer to as Matriarch. She lives in the 'east' of the country. ( yes our family is scattered across the country that much!

Did you follow all that? if you didn't don't worry, I had trouble following it! I'm going to put a list of 'characters' as it were down the side of the Blog, just in case it gets bit confusing in future.

Well institute starts again tonight, so I'm back playing taxi. Which I know it sounds like I moan about it a lot of the time, but I do find it a lot of fun. Honestly! It's nice to be able to drive and have some to talk to for once. I mean I can talk to myself, but even I managed to bore myself sometimes.


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