Wednesday, January 24, 2007

cool by name cool by nature

Well as the title suggests coolcat is certainly living up to her name as she sent me a nice little card in the post. Which was a very nice surprise after a very looonnnggg day at work. She's coming over to Loughborough ward on Sunday as we're going to Tap-dances for dinner, which should be interesting.

It's institute tonight which should be as fun as ever. Not sure how many of the w's I'll be taking this time though. But while we're on the subject of the W's, SW who's currently in the US has got engaged and is due to get married in May I think ( I can say it here as it has been announced publicly as it were). Although it must have been one of the more anti-climatic announcements by Brother H. The general response was, how shall we say? Not very surprised. Hopefully some more people are actually going to turn up for institute tonight as we have been extremely thin on the ground the past couple of weeks. However Brother H did tell me last week that assuming I complete the course, I will have graduated. Finally! I had a feeling I had, but it was nice to have it confirmed.

Big Party on Friday at Wr's. Goldilocks is back in the UK for her graduation and they decided that, that called for a party ( like YSA need a excuse) :-). It will be almost like old times apart from Teppo and Nemesis not being there. Even R is coming up for a visit. But that's not all that's going on this week. No sir! Leicester stake is having a very special visitor on Thursday night. Elder Oakes of the quorum of the twelve is coming to visit. Yaah!! I thinks it's been nearly nine years since we last had a general authority come and visit. My boss is letting me finish work early so I have enough time to get home and changed and still get to the stake centre reasonably early enough to get a good seat. I'm going to be catching a lift with Engineseer as we figured there was no point taking two cars, when we could only take one. Besides trying to find a parking space for one car will probably be bad enough. It is only supposed to be for members of Leicester stake but I will be incredibly shocked if no one from outside of the stake turns up. But to be fair if he was speaking in Nottingham I'm sure that some people from Leicester would attempt to slip into their meeting too. I know I would be tempted.

Engineseer had a mini get together at his new house on Sunday. He wasn't exaggerating and how 'long' it was. I actually walked round there as it that's close. Well that and the fact that it's usually impossible to find a car packing space on his road. However as I'm sure you already guessed seeing at how well me and irony get on I got there to find the road extremely empty and plenty of place to park D'ohh! On well the walk did me more good then driving up there. Cordeila was supposed to come but after driving her BF all the way back to march was too tired and I don't blame her in the slightest. It's a horrid long drive to march. Anyway, it was me , engineseer, his brother B and S + J L. ( mechanicus's brother and his wife) Now I'm trying to think up good codenames for the pair of them, the best I could think of was technic and Medic. If anyone has any better suggestions let me know. Regardless of what I refer to them as both of them proved that the churches gossip, sorry, sorry not gossip network, the passing of information that some people might find interesting or useful network is still working as well as ever as they already knew about me dating coolcat. Most of the evening was spent talking, devouring enginseers supply of chocolate and trying to figure out how the board game of " The price is right" actually worked. I'll tell you now, it wasn't as easy as you think. That or we were just too simple to figure it out. You decide! (rhetorical question btw).



Nemesis said...

Hah! Knew SW would get engaged. That's great for her but kind of depressing to think that all the girls are getting exported to America.

Saxon said...

Yep. We all thought that too, which is why it had to rank as one of if not the most anti-climatic annoucment of a engagement we've had.

There was a discussion amongist the lads and we thought it was only fair that if the girls are going out to the US there they should start sending some US girls back to the UK.

Our response from the girls was to say that they have to go otu there to get a better chance of finding someone to marry.