Friday, January 05, 2007

Paging Common sense. We need some common sense out here stat!

Not that I'm trying to turn into a old whinger or anything ( coz I'm already a young whinger :-) I saw a news item today which made me shake my head in disbelief and wonder if there is some great rip in the same time continuum sucking up all of the common sense in the universe. Among 13 inmates who have absconded from Sudbury open prison are two convicted murderers. However the police have refused to release photographs of them claiming it might breach their human rights. Please allow me a moment of, What the ??????????????????? So apparently it would breach their human rights if we know what they look like, but it doesn't breach our human rights to have two convicted murderers wondering the street and we're not allowed to see what they look like. Does anybody else wonder just how in the heck things got to this point. Huh???

Work, well work has been a bit odd today. Probably due to my sense of time being completely screwed up with the holidays and it only being a four day week. I woke up this morning and it took me a couple of minutes to remember that it was Friday not Saturday. At least the roads were fairly clear on the way into work, unfortunately that can't last as the kids go back to school next week so the roads will go back to being their usual jam packed selves. To add to the fun the council is starting work on one of the three main roads into Nottingham. Which means the traffic should get even worse. Ohhhhhh joyyy!!

Well at least I'm going out tonight for once if she makes up her mind as to what we're doing. Anyway things have gone majorly quiet on the YSA front. SW is now off in the USA for three months, Boss Lady is.... well we're not entirely sure. Please feel free to report any and all sightings and smooth. Well not entirely sure what he's up to. We used to have something YSA related on every week. Now I don't think we've done anything in over a month. Something, well something seems to have disappeared from our wards YSA, the urge to get ourselves organized. I dunno, I just hope that our ward ysa reps get themselves moving again soon.

Institute starts again next week. Hurrah! Something constructive to do on a Wednesday night. It's also J's birthday tomorrow. There going out for lunch, so I'll have to bring the subject up carefully with grumpy, so he doesn't fly off the handle again. although he is in a fairly good mood this week. probably something to do with the large Cheque he recently received. go figure.




Fraggle said...

Question - which SW is in the states?

Saxon said...

the older one, the younger SW is 'traveller'

Fraggle said...

Ahh...cheers for clearing that one up! :)