Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Brain Freeze, Brain Freeze!!

Well I figured it was about time that I posted something again, even though I've had a spectacular brain freeze over the past week and I just haven't been able to think of a good thing to write. So if I make even less sense then usual please forgive me.

Well I'll be facing my fear yet again tomorrow, as it's time for my check up at the dentists. I hope, really, really, really hope that nothing is wrong so then I don't have to go again for another six months!

It's institute again tonight. Hopefully there will be a few more people there tonight then there have been so far this year. it's not that the classes are boring, oh no!! It's just that there seems to be a much better spirit when we have more people there rather then less...... and you have to answer less questions too, he, he, he, he.

LDS Linkup up date. I'm now all the way up to 26 friends, but still only six comments. Hmmmm I think I might have to start badgering people in order to meet my March goal of 7 comments. I know it's not a very high goal, but at least it's a goal!

Much next goal for the year, try and scrape some cash together so I can finally get a desk and move my computer up to my room. Like many people I have been really struggling with money over Christmas, but at least it's now pay day. Yaaaa!!! Although knowing me I'll probably be back to moaning about money in a couple of weeks, but c'est la vie. And I doubt that anyone who reads this blog does so for deep and meaningful insights into life, hey?

Coolcat came over on Sunday, and we went round to Tap Dance's for dinner. The first and last time that we will go to that particular house as Tap-dance is moving into her new house today and she still hasn't told grumpy. Oh joy, I wonder who might get caught in the crossfire yet again. Hmmm??

Oh well, I can't really waste time on worrying about what might be, time to get on with what is.


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