Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Nothing interesting happened on Saturday night. Well maybe it did

nothing interesting happened on Saturday night, nothing at all. Not a thing..............

Okay as Nemesis and Fraggle have long since cottoned onto, I am fibbing and I am indeed hiding something. I mean gosh I was being so subtle about it wasn't I? (rhetorical question by the way)

Yes the ninth and final sign of the apocalypse has occurred and maybe the end of the world is upon us, as the thing I was hiding isn't a what, it's a whom.

I have started dated someone, and in fact not just dating as we are now 'officially' going out, are a item, a couple etc. Yes, Yes your not dreaming Saxon has a girlfriend, who I will refer to as 'coolcat' from here on out, as that's the name she uses online.

and on that dramatic bit of news.



Fraggle said...

And the list of fellow dateless losers dwindles even further...

I'm starting to hear an echo when I speak now! :-s

Good stuff man, should I bother trying to work out who she is or do I not have a prayer?

Nemesis said...

You had better email me right now and tell me all!

Saxon said...

tell you all about what Nemesis?

Fraggle, it depends how well you know people from westcoates/glenfield ward