Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Well it's was my sister J's birthday at the weekend and lunch we decided to go out to pizza hut. I decided to take my camera along and got a few random good photos I though I'd share with ya all!
This is my niece 'roo', not her real name by the way just her nickname. Doesn't she look so cute in this photo though.
Here's Roo with her mum, my sister J. I get the feeling Roo's going to inherite her Mum and Dad's love of driving. ( just hopefully not as fast as them :-)
Here they are again.
Roo + spaghetti well you can see for yourself
My mum and J's other Child, J who I've decided to 'codename' hyper. If you ever meet him you'll understand .
Finally Mum and J

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