Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Erm why??

and welcome to the 7.00am to 6.30pm my goodness is my day only that short, it feels at least three times that long news!

Latest bit of science news for today. Chinese scientists have successfully bred Fluorescent green pigs, whose mouth, trotters and tongue are green under UV light. I think the one question that we all wanted the reporters to ask was, erm why?? The follow on question they then should have asked was " Have your scientists got too much time on their hands?"

Showbiz news. Celebrity big brother is about to start again. Noooooooooo!! Nooooooooo!! Noooo!!! Not that they were 'struggling' to find people to go on the show but apparently one of the celebrity's is going to be a former big brother contestant, her Mum and her Gran. Nope doesn't sound desperate to me, how about you?

Politics Latest bright idea from the government. A new study says that paying schizophrenics to take their medication could help sufferers stay out of hospital. I could be wrong and I know I'm no medical expert but I don't think schizophrenics main problem with taking their medication is that they don't get paid. Which is a roundabout way has reminded me that I saw a good repeat episode of ER on more4 last night ( very roundabout I know) where one of the characters, Lucy Knight was killed off. Now I already knew that she died, but it was like a lot of TV shows or films where you know the endings going to be sad, you sort have this crazy hope that everything will turn out well this time, like they miss the iceberg, he doesn't get on that boat, she doesn't turn her back on the massive aliens invading the fort ( starship troopers in case anyone's wondering) . Or to quote a character from the fresh prince of Bel air who was watching Thelma and louise " I just know that one of these days they'll make it to the other side." Now I'm sure some of you understand what I mean, others are still trying to understand my ramblings and some of you will sit there and claim you have no idea what I mean, but you do really ( probably the same people who cried at ghost but claimed the had 'something in their eye' Yes you know who you are! :-)

Foreign news! They've arrested a man for filming Saddams execution. The words, door, shut, after, horse and bolted all spring to mind.

Space news! Nasa needs tons of fake moondust. maybe they've decided it will be cheaper then actually going back to the moon. The ISS is still busy going nowhere fast. By the time the last module is due to be added to the station the first modules will have exceeded their intended lifespan. D'ooh! Nasa have also been teaching the two mars rovers 'new tricks'. which is impressive considering their halfway across the solar system and yet we couldn't teach our dog Oscar any tricks and he was in the same house as us. and finally they are trying to use the cameras on one of their probes orbiting Mars to see if they can locate another orbiting probe which has gone silent. If they find it my guess is there will either be a message spray painted on it's side saying " Earthlings suck!" or it will be clamped and having a parking ticket. Anymore guesses anyone??

LDS Linkup news! Up to 25 friends, but still only six comments. Of these six comments one is by someone who doesn't know me very well, 4 are by people who know me moderately well and one is by a person who knows me very well. Bizarely enough the one by the person who says they know me very well, is written by the one person I have never actually met in person. Go figure! I wonder if theres any chance of raising the comments total to seven before the end of March. Place your bets ladies and gentleman.


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