Wednesday, February 21, 2007

He's here..........

Well finally, finally I'm back. As for why it's been nearly a month since my last blog post. Please feel free to select whichever one of the following reasons seems the most plausible/funny.

a) I met a mad professor who converted my car into a time machine. After hitting 88 mph I was transported back to 1945. In my efforts to return I caused several temporal paradoxes before finally arriving back 2 seconds after I Left. Still not sure what the point of traveling back in time was to begin with and with a extra 600,000 miles on the car.

b) I was a slack jawed yokel and didn't organise my time well enough to keep the blog up to date on a regular basis.

c) I was abducted by aliens and taken through a wormhole to wolf 359, and met a race actually called Vulcan's who want to sue the makers of star trek for defamation of character. ( they have no ears and are far from logical). I inadventally caused the races civilization to break down when trying to explain the concept of political correctness.

d) I was sucked into a parallel universe, when the grass is blue and the sky is green. Serenity was not cancelled, Britney spears still has her hair and I'm even more of a geek. Enraged by alt-Saxons suggestions that he was a better uber-geek then me we engaged in a battle royale to the death atop of a dam. I won ( or did I, maybe I'm alt-Saxon) but had to flee the universe when they tried to arrest me for that most heinous of crimes. Going under their speed limit.

e) I was recruited by a shadowy organization of geeks who finally recognized my uber geek status. We will be taking over the country and day now and first on our list is PHILIP SCOLFIELD, just kidding there Philip OR AM I?

f) I've been hibernating.

Please feel free to suggest any more reasons. I'll post the best ones!

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