Thursday, September 08, 2011

Once their out there you can never get them back

Okay, so there seems to be a new "craze" going round on facebook this week in that people and by that girls are posting random facebook status update that begin with twords to the effect " I am (x) weeks in and craving (x)"

Now what ever the true meaning behind these updates is, it seems to be some sort of state secret between women which I am starting to wonder if it's sole purpose is to drive men mad with another question about the women they can not answer along with the old classic "why do women always go to the bathroom in pairs"

Now I hasten to add that it's only a state secret between those women that get it. Can you imagine what happened when you have women posting updates saying they are so many weeks and craving something?

Or let me rephrase that can you imagine what whappened when you have a load of Female YSA posting updates saying they are so many weeks and craving something?

Well nothing good for a start as there seemed to be some quite nasty misunderstandings.

Speaking of YSA I am still debating whether or not to go to institute this year as technically I can still go but it's not like I haven't done Institute before adn then some. Plus one of the courses is Eternal marriage so I'm sure doing that course for the 3rd Time would really improve my mood and not make me feel really depressed.

Oh wait.......

Mind you not that I got the most enthusastic of invites. The day after my birthday one of the adult couple came up to me and said
" I understand you were 30 yesterday. Well you are still allowed to come to institute for another year so you can have this invite anyway if you really want to come"

Gee with a enthusastic invite like that where they obivously are keen to see me there how can I not go?

Wait, wait, probably don't want to start picking at that thread.

We finally had a nice sunset tonight ater days of waiting as I have invested in a new wide angle lense for my new toy. I get out to the fields to take some perfect pictures and what happens? I find the battery has died to a low enough level where the lense won't work correctly.


Well always tomorrow.

Later folks

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Malaysia 11 said...

'Scuse me son - WE - have invested in the wide angle lense!! - and it's my new toy as well - so mits off!! - guess it's a fight to the death about who takes the best landscapes pics now!!