Tuesday, September 27, 2011

And things just keeping getting weirder

So if the fact that a world known organisation can loose a bus sized satellite when it crashes to earth isn't bizare enough the news just seems to keep getting weirder.

ITV have admitted using a clip from a computer game in a news report, passing it off as real footage.

The bbc seems to have interviewed a hoaxer instead of a real London trader.

Channel five is still showing Big Brother ( okay doesn't really fit with everything else as it's been going on for several weeks but you have to admit it's still pretty weird)

Choclate bars are now having to get security tags in shops as their being pinched so much,

and finally Rhianna was actually order off a farmers property after she displaying a bit too much of herself shall we say when filiming her latest music video to the seeming complete bafflement of every other man in the town.

see! It's all going very weird

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