Monday, September 26, 2011


Okay, well I'm well aware that my blog posts have been a little sporadic as of late.

And before you get all excited Drat it's not down to the " Get Saxon a Girlfriend" fund being a success sadly.

No, I'm not been feeling the urge or inspiration to write as I've had a prolonged period of feeling sorry for myself as I've been feeling very under the weather and in a lot of discomfort as I picked up a nasty infection, which entailed that I had to visit the one place in the world that is certain to strike pure terror in the heart of this saxon...

And not it's not a relief society meeting :-) ( Oh no he didn't :-)

Yes I had to go and visit Hell on earth, or as most of your mortals know it, the Dentists.

Firstly to find that my old dentist was gone and replaced by a new guy and secondly to find that the infection was serious enough to warrent a root canal! Which freaked me out enough and that was before the horror stories from people at work about sent me completely gibbering with terror.

However I had to face the fear as it wasn't something that was going to get any better and as it turned out I didn't feel a thing. Although it was nearly four hours before I could speak properly again. Which did lead to me having to use a notebook for sometime to ask Grumpy anything, which he found incredibly entertaining whereas Owen found it somewhat baffling.

So with that problem sorted, I'm feeling much better as unsurprisingly feeling the urge to smack yourself in the mouth to get rid of the pain tends to get you down after a little while :-)

I've been playing with my camera some more ( you can see lots of the results on my facebook page), I've aced my Kpi's for this month at work and they are also used some training material I've used to train other members of staff so despite the last couple of weeks being somewhat sucky the end of the month isn't turning out to be all that bad.

Lets Hope it continues into October :-)

Later folls

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