Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Saxons final thoughts on conference

Conference was only a week ago which seems bizare as it seems like it was only yesterday but in it's own way it also seems a long time ago too.

If you get what I mean your probably nodding sagely right now. If you don't get what I mean you're probably shaking your head wondering what the heck I'm talking about.

Firsly I'd like to take this as a opportunity to say that I have been completely blown away to the response about what happened on the Sunday afternoon both with comments that have been left on her and a couple of people who have spoken to me through various means offline. When I wrote that post I was simply writing it in my usual matter of fact way without even begining to imagine the response it would generate. It's meant so much to me and is deeply humbling that so many people have leapt to my defence and left me so many heartfelt words of encouragement.

Secondly I think one of the most important things I learned from the weekend is that I need to have and indeed discovered some lost confidence in myself. Taking so many photos probably helped as you can't be backward in coming forward when it comes to taking photos. I think that refound confidence certainly helped make new friends as I've had nearly three times as many friends requests this year then any other year.

Thirdly I am beyond grateful for Phoenix and the gang for inviting me into their group and then letting me hang with them for almost the entire weekend ( even if it has left me with a lingering addiction for yahtzee). It really made the weekend about 10 times better then it would have been otherwise.

Fourthly I need to try and be better at accepting that there are some things ( and indeed people) that I can not change.

Fifthly, I seem to have a talent for photography and now I have the gear lets see things go there shall we.

Sixthly ( yes I now I'm probably making up words now) and probably this will be the hardest of all, I have got to stop being so hard on myself, I really can be my own worst enemy sometimes.

And lastly I guess I'm just thankful for the chance to go to so many conferences. Even though it may not be obivous I know I have made a difference.

Anyway that's enough looking back for today. Onwards and upwards folks, standard service resumes tomorrow!

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