Wednesday, September 28, 2011

oohhh that's pretty

When the Ipad first came out I was realllllyyyy tempted to go and get one if only to fit in with the "cool kids" at church who all seemed to go and get one and use them for pretty much anything.

Need to read a scripture? Got a app for that! Need the words to a hymn? Got a app for that! Need someone else to do your talk for you in front of the congregation? Well that's not a app for that just yet but I'm sure it's a matter of time :-)

However despite the shinyness I soon realised that there was very little point in getting a Ipad as I wouldn't really use for anything worthwhile and I didn't really need it. Which as physics helpfully pointed out is a pretty good description of the latest fads. You don't need it, you don't want it, but it looks pretty and will keep you in with the cool kids.

In fact probably the only thing I would have used it for would have been for ebooks. Which allthough I have steadfastly refused them in the past are starting to look increasingly more attractive if only for the fact that I have to accept that my room isn't really a tardis and there is a upper limit to how many books I can stuff in it.

Not that I would totally switch to ebooks as there's just something about curling up with a good book that you just can't get out of a ebook reader.

Also the other problem with the ipad is t's sheer expense as with my shiny new camera I already have a nice new toy that is going to be sucking up a lot of my hard earned spare pennies for sometime to come. Not that I mind of course. OH that reminds me must start saving for a skylight filter...........

Wait I was going somewhere with this before I started shamelessly remenecising ( and I'm 200% certain I've spelt that wrong but c'est la vie).

Ahh yes, what's inspired this hopeless ramble is the announcement from Amazon today of the new "Kindle Fire". A rather nifty looking gadget. No announcement yet of a uk price but I feel safe in assuming that it will probably as is usual with most gadgets be pretty overpriced compared to the us costing.

Anyway speaking of books I was reminded this weekend that it had been the weekend of , a yearly event that my last company held every year and that all staff members had to go too. It was also the second one since I have left the company and despite a hugely prolonged attempt of persusion by my local store manager I wasn't interested in going as the thought of being the ghost of "staff members past" didn't really appeal to me.

But next year maybe. I guess I'll just see what I feel like.

This realisation also made me realise that my "2nd aniversary" at my current job is also rapidly
approaching. I suppose yet another unwelcome bit of proof that time really does fly.

Well with the nights drawing in, I haven't had much chance to go out and play with my camera, but mind you looking at my recent photos ( go have a look on facebook if you want to see all of them. There's loads and that's after I've cherry picked a few. You should see the rest! I'm about to be in need of a new external hard drive me thinks :-) I a starting to feel that I have quite a good talent here. I've started to look for some local camera courses and clubs to see what I can do about expanding my skiills.


Later folks.

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