Monday, September 05, 2011

National YSA conference 2011 Epilogue " Back to reality"

So the end of conference usually entailed a last minute sprint back to my room to grab my stuff and hit the road asap to avoid the bank holiday day traffic. But of course with the early check out and much shorter transit time I really didn’t ( And didn’t have the urge too) to rush .

I took a moment to look at the “e-harmony “ dating wall which had been set up. Basically people could leave messages, their mobile numbers, email etc encouraging people to contact them. In some cases their numbers were up there without their knowledge as the committee chairmans mobile number had appeared with the message

“Looking for a female with a gsoh and child bearing hips. Call me......”

He actually found it quite amusing and told me that he took the long view that probably nobody would call and hey if they did then bonus!

I then passed another YSA who had taken part in the talent show who was looking very pleased with himself as after meeting a girl the previous evening had dedicated a song he was singing and playing on the piano to her. Which I’m sure was a little embarrassing for her but at least all of her friends didn’t stand up and point directly too her so the whole conference could see who she was.

Oh wait they did.......

Once picked out the girl had obeyed the encouragement from the crowd and had actually run up to the stage and sat while he serenaded her. It was really quite sweet and explained his well justified look of satisfaction.

Anyway that out of the way it was time for the one part of conference I didn’t like. Starting to say goodbye to friends both old and new. First up was ana who gave me a hug goodbye and a firm promise to add her on facebook. Second up was Little Em who had some inspiring words for me, which were for me and me alone I guess ( hey it might be hard to believe but I don’t put everything on the blog you know!)

However I certainly wasn’t going to be able to sit down and enjoy my lunch with my Salt and vinegar crisps ( no cheese and onion score!) As I quickly found myself volunteered shall we say once again to help put the chairs in the main conference hall away to help the staff members seeing as the conference had drastically over run.

But even that was over far too quickly and like it or not it was finally time for me to go home. I headed out to the car park with Phoenix, Braveheart and Cat who were talking about who they had to wait for to take home. I simply pointed out my car and said I was going to head out. They asked if I was waiting for anyone and I explained no and had come on my own.

I think the look that best crossed their faces was “ Does not compute, we no understandeee” , of course being a bit thick from my sleep deprived state I didn’t get what the problem was and pointed out that it was no big deal as we were close to home and I had only take people with my to Manchester one year and regularly travelled to activities by myself and no one ever wanted a lift.

At which point the look on Bravehearts face changed from confused to what I can best describe as horrified and he briefly verbalised a few very disjointed thoughts as he tried to get to understand that I wasn’t joking.

The best I could manage in a reply was a simple shrug as a way of saying if I let that fact get to me I would never leave the house asides for work.

Anyway, I felt myself reluctant to leave my companions of the last few days as I certainly didn’t want to go back to reality. But unfortunately as grown up reality has a way of turning up when you don’t want it too. A round of goodbye hugs later I was on the road.

Previously in other years I have bemoaned the long journey home with no one to talk too. This year with the short trip I was actually feeling the reverse. I didn’t want to go back to the reality of work the next day.

I arrived home to find Owen very excited to see me ( It’s nice to be missed) and was fully intending to go straight online to post on facebook ( if you really want to see all the photos I took look me up on facebook for some reason blogger is still not playing nice ) but my bed was singing a sweet song that I couldn’t resist and I promptly crashed out for nearly three hours.

I wasn’t to sure what to think at that point as after all it was the last of the conferences I had been going to for six years. But I don’t think it was any exaggeration to say it was the best.

If only in facebook friend requests alone

And there you have it folks, nearly nine thousand words later ( yes really that many) the last of the epic tales of National YSA conference has been completed. Thanks for staying with me.

There will be one final post relating to conference tomorrow and then normal service will finally resume.


drat said...

but what happened to the cute girl who you had your photo taken with? she sounds super sweet!!


p.s. also why is it the last conference? are they just not doing any anymore or is it an age thing or something?

Saxon said...

ahh that girl.

She was referred to as Ana after Saturday. Sorry I was sure I mentioned that.

It would have been my last conference anyway due to my age, but they have decided it will be the last national conference for the forseeable future. They will be switching to regional conferences as of next year

drat said...

ahhh ok that explains it.

good work fella!

will we hear more about ana in the bloggosphere?